Construction Of Two Blocks Of Faculty Building Fully Equipped At The Ekiti State Polytechnic, Isan Ekiti Completed

Governor Fayemi promised to complete the construction of two blocks of Faculty buildings at the College of Agriculture and Technology in Isan Ekiti.

  • Governor Fayemi commissions two blocks of Faculty Building as Ekiti State Polytechnic, Isan Ekiti

    At the Ekiti State Polytechnic,Isan Ekiti,  Dr Fayemi stated that construction of legacy projects has become his administration’s trademark in laying a sustainable foundation for the development of our State adding that he adopted this approach to developing Ekiti State in response to the weak and often non-existent institutions of democracy and good governance inherited from the past Administration.

    The Governor noted that beyond providing the two structures to address the accommodation challenges of workers and students, government has also enhanced the environment of the Institution to make it remain a worthy legacy of change in the Institution.

    According to him, “These magnificent two blocks of Faculty Building was designed to accommodate two (2) Faculties, with Dean’s Office, four (4) HODs’ Offices, four (4) Laboratories, twelve (12) Classrooms, a Conference Room, a Faculty/Data Room, twenty-eight (28) Offices for Lecturers and Conveniences are fully equipped. You will all agree with me that this was indeed purpose-built.

    “We are changing the face of Ekiti State Polytechnic, Isan Ekiti because we believe that our people deserve the best and we are not relenting at providing the necessary support needed for its success. That is why we have gone beyond the restoration of infrastructure alone, but commence from the scratch to laying the foundation for all the institutions that can help develop our State, including but not limited to the Ekiti State Civic and Convention Centre, Ado Ekiti, New Ado-Iyin Dual-Carriage Road among others.”